“Aissoft is the answer to your all your Web, Email, Telephone & IT Services & Support with 24/7 unlimited customer support with dedicated manager just for you.
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About our Company

Running a successful business is a dream for many. While Business aspirations are exciting, the reality of running a business and the challenges associated with them are daunting.

Be it Business by Individuals, Partnerships or Small and Medium Enterprises, the actual challenges turn out to be hurdles for carving out successful businesses and also act as deterrents to business commencement for aspirants.

AISSoft provides solution to the above issues and act as a catalyst in creation of successful and strong businesses. At AISSoft, we understand the requirements of our clientele and provide specialized business services which include the following. Please review the links below, to know more.

  • Telecom Services - Tele-calling and Tele-support services provided with trained staff using VOIP technologies.
  • IT Services - A host of hardware system services (new & used) with on-site maintenance covers for IT infrastructure services.
  • HR Services - An ideal solution of staffing and providing remote HR Solutions through trained staff on off-rolls, to reduce running cost of your business.
  • Web Services - An array of internet related services including Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Web Design & Development… etc.
  • Backoffice Services - One-point contact for Accounting, Receivables Management, Inventory Management… etc.

AISSoft, started in 2003, with its rich experience and application of technology, acts as a one-stop solution for your business services and by taking up the nitty-gritty day-to-day affairs, ensures you to put full focus on your Business development and working towards your goals in a stress-free manner. At AISSoft, we have a highly strategic & strong Management Team, and a high energy Operations Team.

Call us or email for more specific details and for tailor-made requirements. We would be glad to assist you.